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I was a simpleton, a nobody surrounded by many many achievers, by those who could speak for themselves, assert themselves.

I have instead nested in doubt for years, so much that it is my home.


How do I explain doubt?

A state of being and non being. Believing and not believing. It is not fear. Rather- curiosity. 

Today, my introduction goes something like "a national award winning documentary filmmaker." I am not sure I like it.

I'd rather be called an artist. But what if there was a word more playful, less known and a bit cute:


"huranian" "jifra" "bristari" what would you call me?

I swim in the world of ideas through the day. My ideas are simple, their execution simpler.

Deep down they are all connected to the honest root of consciousness. 

Through these ideas I build a bridge between myself and the world. The bridge extends two ways, one goes deep inside my arteries where there is a secret place for all the lessons and mysteries of being. The other end extends to the world outside.

I use curiosity to move from one end to the other.

For a living I make films for others, primarily those who understand me, most importantly trust me with their goals. 

My oxygen is my independent work where I play with thoughts, create new worlds and images and deliver new experiences. 

I love bringing people together. My autonomy is the most precious thing- at work, at play.

I do things my way. Without coming in your way. That's my dance. 

By the way, I also teach and I like to be creative at that and so my pet assignment is "How to make juice"

Eventually that's what I am seeking and helping you seek - Juice. 

In this war stricken, conflict ridden, often petrifying world, when we are able to think beyond water and drink juice,

we are able to keep ourselves not just alive but also kicking. Isn't that the best fight one can have. 

Chalo then, drop me a text. Milte hain!

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