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Formally began my quest to understand the nature and relevance folk as early as 2009 with a research paper as part of graduation degree. Soon after graduation, I was brought back into the world of ethnographic explorations and documentation through films. There have been four documentaries till date. 

JUMNA /  Documentary / for Sahapedia / 2022

MEEN RAAG / Documentary/ for Sahapedia / 2021
OF LOVE & ARTISTRY / Documentary / for Jaipur Virasat Foundation / 2017
UTSAV / Documentary / for JVF & Studio Ainak /  2016

Also directed a Seven part docu series for Anahad Foundation, exploring the musical traditions of songwriters across the country. The project is currently in its post production. 

Director: Suruchi Sharma
Producer: Jane Himmeth Singh
Executive Producer for JVF: Vinod Joshi
Editor: Ruth Lobo
Cinematographers: Arnold Fernandes /Ashok Meena /Mehul Bhanti/ Suruchi Sharma
Location Sound Recordist: Shoaib Maneri
Sound Designer: Swaroopnath Bhatra
Colourist: Srikanth Kabothu
Graphic Design: Roshan Kumar / Thommen Lukose


Of Love & Artistry is a film that explores the lifestyle and life stories of different folk artists from Rajasthan while talking about memories and anecdotes associated with John Singh (John Da), the man who helped these artists explore the world of music on various national and international platforms and go beyond the boundaries of their regional performing space.

Special Mention by Jury IDSFFK 2017

Runner Up Short Documentary at AFMX 2020

"For the disarmingly simple account of a community of singers, inspired to save their songs by finding newer ways of continuing to sing them."

Jury Statement


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A village fair organised by an NGO in the middle of a small village in Rajasthan becomes a hub for entertainment, education, and fun and is a platform to connect folk entertainment to its true audience . Capturing the essence of the fair in an observational way, the film is made single handedly by the film maker with the use of minimal resources.

Winner of Forum Lenteng Award 2017

Acquired by Epic Channel for broadcast 2020-2022

Producer: Ainak 

Co Producer: Jaipur Virasat Foundation

Director: Suruchi Sharma 

Cinematographer: Suruchi Sharma

Editor/ Suruchi Sharma Sound Designer: Suruchi Sharma

Assistance: JVF team

Graphics: Satish Poddar

Music and appearance: Various Artists

"Your “Utsav” is a brilliant short piece (worth showing regularly at the RRAP hub) and you’ve got a terrific, clear eye for the telling moment…. very humanistic, person-centric approach to fly-on-the-wall documentation reminding me of the work of American filmmaker Les Blank."

David Roche 

Ethnomusicologist & Art Consultant


Directed & edited by Suruchi Sharma
Shot by Ashok Meena
Sound Design by Prince Bhatra
Graphics by Neelesh Saran
Trailer edit by Shubhangi Acharya
Assisted by Satendera Veer Daraiya

Meen Raag is a one of a kind documentation of the Meena community of Rajasthan, to study and document the different musical traditions of the community. Made as part of the Sahapedia Research Fellowship 2019. 

"We all agree you have made a beautiful film."


Faith Singh

JVF Co-founder 


A visual portrait of Jumna Mali, a woman ascetic living in a small village in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. This film is an exploration of the various myths and folklores pervading in her world and its music, art and the stories.

Director & Editor: Suruchi Sharma
Cinematographer & Colorist: Ashok Meena
Graphics: Damini Rathore
Sound Designer: Swaroopnath Bhatra
Produced by Sahapedia


When the artist becomes real and loving entity, when an audience begins to empathize with the performer, then does true appreciation begin - opening several doors of survival and propagation for an art form and the artist to thrive. 

Notes in Bahasa Indonesia by cinephile and curator, Otty Widasari on film Utsav: a memoir of Shekhawati Utsav 2014. 

Many More Stories in Waiting. 

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