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Made an excellent start to the career with the post of researcher as I love nothing more than being paid to read and learn. Since then, have researched and curated content for various shows while also being a self taught ethnographer and design researcher for side stints. 


Work In Progress / Docu Series / for Amazon /  2022

Various Projects / Non Fiction Shows / for Rangrez Films /  2016

Tyohaar Ki Thaali / Non Fiction Food Show / for  Epic Channel /  2016

Very Vichitra / Non Fiction Channel / for Alliance Mediia / 2015

SAHRSA HEALTH SURVEY / Research for Design / for Bihar Innovation Lab / 2015

TABOO- Freaky Remedies /  Docu Series / for Nat Geo / 2011


Love having in depth conversations with people to understand their stories and experiences. Coming from a place of empathy, I relate to people from varied backgrounds. For the upcoming series took in depth interviews with musicians from different lingual backgrounds along with some well know music producers.

Investigative research


Was hired as researcher for a proposed series to be developed by a major OTT platform. The idea was to explore stories around a certain (confidential) desired context. As researcher, I was able to able to pull multiple quirky, emotional, funny stories from across India.

Most work was done over calls but also happened to make some site visits including the one to the Crime Branch office to investigate the story further and find a way to connect to the accused and the victim. The project was later shelved for reasons unknown but there were several interesting encounters and conversation with people from different walks of life.


Research is all about asking interesting and unique questions. Once a desired brief is given to you, it becomes imperative that you look beyond the obvious and fact find in places no one has visited before. For example, for a project I once thought of looking up at the brief from a historical angle and found a story of Taj Mahal once been sold off by the british to cover up their losses, by pushing further I was actually able to get in touch with the grandson of the person who proposed to buy the Taj Mahal in that bid. Such anecdotes are numerous, often one thing leads to the other.   


Love reading articles and fact finding. For some of the initial projects delved deeper into food history to develop multiple food shows with the Rangrez team.  Brought out the myths, anecdotes and believes that determined the narrative in the show Tyohaar ki Thaali and others.

Food History
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Sahapedia Research Fellow for the year 2019 

Ethnographic research


Worked as a design researcher for Bihar Innovation Lab by CKS, Delhi. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the programme aimed at understanding the various issues in the health system of the state particularly relating to maternity and child birth. Conducted a month long ethnographic research on field in Saharsa, Bihar. Thereafter, analysed the data and identified micro and macro level failures in the system which would act as a base for design interventions in near future.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Suruchi has worked with us in various capacities on different shows, and has always done very well. However, it is her role as a lead researcher in most projects that has impressed me the most. I especially remember the thorough and unique research she brought to the table for our show on festival foods, 'Tyohaar ki Thaali', the stories she found and the foods she chose were unique and rich in flavour. Suruchi also was great with her colleagues and got her juniors to work well with her."

Nidhi Tuli

Filmmaker & Producer 


Love talking to people from behind the camera, steering the narrative, one question at a time. The idea is to make a personal connection and make the person as comfortable as possible. A skill well utilised in all my documentary work including the upcoming series. 



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